Mr. Vegas – This Is Dancehall [The Grand Finale] (Album Release)

Mr. Vegas – This Is Dancehall [The Grand Finale] (Album Release)

From “Heads High” (1998) to the newest “Party Tun Up” (2013), Mr. Vegas has established himself as a leading name in the contemporary dancehall scene. His latest record – “This Is Dancehall” – sees Vegas claiming his status as a legend in Dancehall and is, somehow, a lesson for the younger ones who are chasing the Dancehall hype or try to reap off the culture (see the single “Own Leader”).

This 15-tracks release marks the Grande Finale of Mr Vegas‘ career in Dancehall as he officially announced few months ago his decision to serve God from now on.

“This Is Dancehall” features collaborations with NatelNadia RoseTasha Fuller and John Hart. Fans can order the album anywhere across the digital outlets courtesy of MV MusicVPAL Music.

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    • 01. Mr. Vegas – Intoxicated
    • 02. Mr. Vegas – Wuk It
    • 03. Mr. Vegas – Identify My Love (Remix)
    • 04. Mr. Vegas – Misbehave
    • 05. Mr. Vegas – Keep Whining
    • 06. Mr. Vegas – Paintbrush (Ft. Natel)
    • 07. Mr. Vegas – Real Dancehall
    • 08. Mr. Vegas – Dancehall Dab (Remix) (Ft. Nadia Rose)
    • 09. Mr. Vegas – Stopper Whine
    • 10. Mr. Vegas – Wish List (Ft. Tasha Fuller)
    • 11. Mr. Vegas – Champs (DJ Edition)
    • 12. Mr. Vegas – No Tomorrow (Ft. John Hart)
    • 13. Mr. Vegas – Gimme Some Love (Pull Up)
    • 14. Mr. Vegas – Own Leader
    • 15. Mr. Vegas – Adamis

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