Radikal Guru – Dub Mentalist (Album Release)

Radikal Guru – Dub Mentalist (Album Release)

The dub master Radikal Guru returns to the trusted Moonshine Recordings to deliver his third album, which highlights his refreshing take on the beloved, dub sound of 2016. A selected few of the cuts involve exciting collaborations that are not to be missed.

Similar to King Yoof’s recent album endeavour called “Homage To The King”, Radikal Guru exerts his speciality in various tempo ranges with the “Dub Mentalist” LP. The result is just as exciting as his existing back catalogue; all mastered to meet the requirements of the true Moonshine vibration.
The polish producer once again shows appreciation to both the dancefloor fans and the more meditating listeners. Fusing his compelling sound in dub, reggae and dubstep with timeless, old school samples makes every release a reminiscing journey. The amount of dread and energy will most definitely spark a riot across the globe.

Radikal Guru executes his mix-up of dub by incorporating a dose of happiness and psychedelics. The effects take over the mixes in wild fashion; delays spin off the tasty spring reverberation tails, delivering a comfortable setting. Radikal’s horns, including the trumpet, saxophone and trombone joined the Radikal Guru‘s live melodica to complement each other in rhythm and sound.

The collaborations featuring Moonshine familiars Jay Spaker, Echo Ranks, Solo Banton, Violinbwoy and Earl 16 bless the righteous sound waves, as the bassweight, immersive vocals and tight arrangements speak for themselves. Whether it is the bass weight, vocal parts or simply the rhythms, you know exactly when Radikal Guru‘s music is being played on a true sound system.

The contribution of the polish dub genius, to the healing of the nations and to global dub culture trembles, as he immediately reveals why his “Dub Mentalist” LP forms an important chapter in our history of Moonshine Recordings material.

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    • 01. Radikal Guru – Mentalist
    • 02. Radikal Guru – Build Fire (feat. Jay Spaker)
    • 03. Radikal Guru – Vengance
    • 04. Radikal Guru – Raggamuffin Souljah (feat. Echo Ranks)
    • 05. Radikal Guru – Zen Dub
    • 06. Radikal Guru – Back Off (feat. Solo Banton)
    • 07. Radikal Guru – Desert Flower (feat. Violinbwoy)
    • 08. Radikal Guru – Move Along (feat. Earl 16)
    • 09. Radikal Guru – Empire Dub
    • 10. Radikal Guru – Halfmoon Dub