Paolo Baldini DubFiles at Song Embassy, Papine, Kingston 6 (Documentary)

Paolo Baldini DubFiles at Song Embassy, Papine, Kingston 6 (Documentary)

Paolo Baldini took his Dubfiles project to the next level last year when he flew with his equipment and his Italian squad (consisting of Mellow Mood, Forelock, Davide Toffolo and anthropologist Mimina Di Muro) to the musical island, Jamaica. A full week of live soundsystem sessions turned into an album and a documentary over one year later. This project is a reflection of Jamaica’s richness in terms of talents, most times coming from the ghettos, who don’t get much exposure in the media.

“DubFiles at Song Embassy” was recorded that week in Papine, Kingston 6 (Jamaica) and mixed in Pordenone, Italy at Alambic Conspiracy Studio. Watch the documentary below:

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