Jamaican Roots Block Buster 2016

Jamaican Roots Block Buster 2016

All Jamaicans and travellers, forward to Wickie Wackie Beach in Bull Bay, St. Andrew on March 5th for the first Jamaican ROOTS BLOCK BUSTER!

Start: 2:00 p.m. | Day & Night Event | Adm.: 1000$
Heartical supported by: Bess FM & WE Generation Music

Line Up

    • Prince Alla
    • Mikey General
    • Cali P
    • Micah Shemaiah
    • Rassi Hardknocks
    • Exile di Brave
    • T.J. aka Likkle Briggie
    • Jahkime
    • Tóke
    • Kazam Davis
    • The Gideon
    • Infinite
    • Jawara
    • Michael Fabulous
    • Israel Voice
    • Marva G
    • Simonese
    • Vanessa Lee
    • Xana Romeo
    • Rominal
    • Empress Tashai
    • Chelsea Stewart
    • Colah Colah
    • U Brown
    • Mark Wonder


    • Yaadcore
    • Natty Vibes Sound
    • King Harar
    • Supa Nova

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