A Review of B'estfest Festival 2013 – Bucharest, Romania

A Review of B'estfest Festival 2013 – Bucharest, Romania

First weekend of July brought plenty of fun and music in Bucharest, the capital city of Romania. Multiple award winning festival, B’estfest Summer Camp 2013, celebrated it’s 7th anniversay between 5th to 7th of July on a green field, far from the city’s noise – Tunari Park.

The storm didn’t stop the thousands of people who left the city to join one of the best summer experience. And it was worthy! The place was a real escape out of the daily trouble with lot of exciting things to do, like creative activities, sports areas, relaxation, food court, playgrounds, camping area and the six stages: Ciuc Stage, Coca-Cola Stage, Dance Arena, Rock Arena, Blazing Vibez Stage and Octogon Stage, with an extra Silent Discotheque Arena.

This year’s edition, B’estfest Festival greeted us with a flavour of Reggae, as well. The line-up guested international acclaimed Nigerian artist, Nneka, and Romanian Reggae band, East Roots, both performing on the Main Stage, in the second day. Also, Reggae music had its own place for the second time at the festival – Blazing Vibez Stage.

– NNEKA – a spiritual healing show – 

Nneka‘s performance can be described easy as a medicamentary refresh for the masses, a spiritual healing. The whole show was absolutely outstanding: her clean and perfect voice, her social speech, the professional musicians who accompanied her, the entire mystical atmosphere she created through music.

Nneka @ B'estfest Summer Camp 2013

photo source: B’estfest Romania

We were glad to hear songs from both US released albums, “Soul Is Heavy” and “Concrete Jungle”, like “My Home“, “Soul Is Heavy“, “Valley”, “Focus“, “Africans” and the long awaited “Heartbeat“, just to name a few. “V.I.P” a.k.a “Vagabonds In Power“, a song inspired by Fela, Femi and Seun Kuti, was introduced by a strong political speech, reflecting on the corruption, injustices and struggles the world is dealing with, in particular her motherlandAfrica. Nneka reminded the people that the change is in their hands and blaming the others won’t bring any good.

The whole blend of African Pop, Jamaican Reggae, American RnB and Hip-Hop was a blessing for the Romanian public, and hopefully Nneka‘s message made people reflect on their condition and attitude.

– NAS, simply THE DON – 

Another highlight of the second night was Nas, performing for the first time in Romania, whose show brought together over 28000 people in front of the Main Stage. Alongside DJ Green Lantern, he did a show to be remembered over the years!

Nas @ B'estfest Summer Camp 2013

photo sourceB’estfest Romania

Nas paid homage to the big two Gods of Hip-Hop music, 2Pac and Notorious BIG, and also to the Father of Reggae music – Bob Marley, with “the universal unity song“, “One Love“. Listening to 28000 of people singing together “One Love“, that is a  feeling it cannot be described!

It’s well known that there is a strong connection between Nas and Reggae music. In 2010, he did a mad combination alongside Damian ‘Jr. Gong’ Marley on the “Distant Relatives” album, a successful fusion of Hip-Hop and Jamaican Reggae. Coincidence or not, Nneka was the supporting artist on tour back in those days.

We had the chance to listen to his best hits starting with “The Don“, “If I Ruled The World“, “I Can“,  “Hate me Now“, to the last “One Mic“, bringing the the whole atmosphere to the superlative level.

– The never ending party – BLAZING VIBEZ STAGE –

East Roots @ B'estfest Summer Camp 2013

photo source: B’estfest Romania

Unfortunately we couldn’t get to enjoy East Roots‘s show, being stuck in the city because of the bad weather, but we did attend Blazing Vibez Party, where our Romanian selectas were entertaining the atmosphere with the hottest tunes of the moment. The stage was guested by Blazing Vibez SoundsystemColentina Soundsystem, DJ Undoo, DJ Oldskull, Chesarion, Lady Raizah, Sara Alexander, King Julien, Ras T and Phlo da Shaolin.

B'estfest Summer Camp 2013

photo source:Bucuresti Optimist

All in all, there is a lot of Reggae happening in Romania at the moment, and we can just be glad for the growing movement. B’estfest Festival 2013 was a good experience, and we are looking forward for the next year edition!