REVIEW: Dreadsquad & Blackout JA in Romania

REVIEW: Dreadsquad & Blackout JA in Romania

When it comes to Dancehall, Jungle and massive parties, the Polish duo Dreadsquad is one of the top names in the game. Spice up the atmosphere with some Dancehall drops from Jamaican talented artist, Blackout JA, and you got your perfect recipe for a memorable night!

This was the main setup for November 15th, at Colectiv Venue from Bucharest, Romania, where Marek of Dreadsquad and Blackout JA landed for the very first time. This gig is part of Dreadsquad‘s Autumn / Winter 2013 tour around the world.

The place was firstly warmed up by a selection of local artists from different areas of music such as Reggae, Dancehall, Dub or Hip-Hop: Blazing Vibez Soundsytem, Low Freq with Vali Umbră, King Julien and two special guests One Shot, member of Camuflaj, and Bean, member of Subcarpați.

Around 2 a.m., the long-awaited artists took over the control for the audience delight. Both did a great team together crossing throughout Dreadsquad‘s hottest productions and special remixes, supported by tuff vocals from the Jamaican guest.

Mixing Jamaican music with modern sounds of Breakbeat, Jungle, Dubstep and Garage, Marek reached the high levels with his performance. On the microphone, Blackout JA was delivering dynamic shouts keeping a continuous interaction with the audience. He showed respect to the elders paying homage to the King, Bob Marley, with “One Love” and “Three Little Birds”, and also to his mentor Burro Banton playing the smashing hit, “Badder Than Them”. Also, big ovations came for the massive Bun Dem Riddim and Blackout JA contribution with “Innocent  Persecution”.

Besides their indisputable top performance, we personally appreciated the professionalism and respect the two artists showed to the music, in general, and for the Romanian audience, in particular. This is something that, unfortunately, was not a mutual thing looking at the small number of attendees.

But the ones who enjoyed the party till its very end where the lucky ones to get a beautiful group photo alongside Marek and Blackout JA.

REVIEW: Dreadsquad & Blackout JA in Romania

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