REVIEW: PLAI Festival 2014

REVIEW: PLAI Festival 2014

Between 12th and 14th of September the 9th edition of Plai Festival was held at the Banat Village Museum in Timișoara, Romania. The festival includes a variety of cultural activities and events like music, games, films, workshops, and many more. In terms of music, this year’s line-up featured artists representing a wide range of cultures and genres: Light in Babylon, Asian Dub Foundation, Balako, Carminho, Salao, Tito Paris and the Romanian band Subcarpați.

The three days festival offered many possibilities for entertainment such as lounge areas, two stages for concerts, a chill stage, food court, cinema and various workshops. The location is quite beautiful, with green areas and rustic houses that fit very good with the core of the festival.


The concerts were very well organized, the sound was better than last year, even though there were small technical problems. The bands that left the best impressions were Asian Dub Foundation and Subcarpați, who did a special appearance performing accompanied by the orchestra.

Asian Dub Foundation were the highlight of the first night at PLAI Festival. Their first performance in Romania brought around 2000 people in front of the Main Stage for a full hour. The British artists have combined punk, rap, dancehall, dub and drum and bass in a mix that sounded good and pretty powerful. The only disappointment from our point of view is that they did not sing so many dancehall and reggae songs, keeping almost the same style throughout the concert.


On Sunday, September 14, the festival saw the largest audience of all nights. Everybody was enthusiastic about Subcarpați‘s show, who were accompanied by an orchestra with musicians from Timișoara. Another band that made a good impression was Light in Babylon, a Turkish band of musicians of different nationalities, that actually were the opening act across the weekend.

Until next year, get a feel of PLAI festival‘s vibes watching this wrap-up video provided by Grolsch Romania, and also check out our photo album! #traiescPLAI

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