INTERVIEW: Exile di Brave @ Kingston, Jamaica – February 2016

INTERVIEW: Exile di Brave @ Kingston, Jamaica – February 2016

Energetic, sincere and determined. Three words that encapsulate the spirit of Exile di Brave, beyond his native musical talent. What started as a Rap / Hip Hop career, became a mission as he found Rastafari and Reggae music as a means to spread positiveness to the world.

With two albums out, “The Calling” (2012) and “The Journey Begins” (2015), and different collaborations with his peers from EDB camp, Exile is enjoying international praise, being currently embarking for a new European tour.

Apart from focusing on his own career, he is also involved in the development of the reggae scene in Jamaica. Two years ago, him along people like Ras Jammy, Micah Shemaiah, Kazam Davis, started a strictly vinyl reggae session (Vinyl Thursdays) in Kingston, now hosted at Regal Plaza, Veggie Meals on Wheels HQ, every Thursday.

We linked up with Exile right there, few hours before a new ‘Vinyl Thurdays’ session was about to kick off, to talk about this venture and more others – such as him being the main act in an upcoming movie by Sherkhan or the upcoming album – “To The Foundation”. Enjoy this new #ReggaelizinInterview below:

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