INTERVIEW: I-Nation @ Kingston, Jamaica – February 2016

INTERVIEW: I-Nation @ Kingston, Jamaica – February 2016

“In all the countries We have visited, We have noted that education is the basis for the greatness, the power, the pride and prosperity of a nation” Emperor Haile Selassie I

Knowledge is power, knowledge broadens perspectives and horizons and enhances change, that change you want to see. They say the bright days of Reggae are back, there is a certain energy, a shift happening in the consciousness of the people and that can only break through with a skilled mind and acknowledgement of self-identity and roots.

I-Nation is a man who ovastands the big picture. He’s on a mission to awaken the people to the need of reading, of always asking questions, of self-reliance and self-sufficiency, fighting Babylon everyday with a non-violent approach, which is what Rastafari is about. Apart from selling books in Jamaica, he recently started a weekly roots-rock reggae session happening every Monday – Inner City DUB – in one of the most violent communities in Kingston, Tivoli Gardens.

We linked up with him in Kingston to talk about his endeavours, also approaching a hot topic on the island now – politics and its relationship with Rastafari and Reggae music.

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