Amlak Redsquare – Book of Judges (Album Release)

Amlak Redsquare – Book of Judges (Album Release)

Jamaican artist Amlak Redsquare officially released earlier this month his debut album – “Book Of Judges”. The 11-tracks record is a collective effort that features his musical bredrins Kazam Davis, Exile di BraveRseenal Di ArtilleryTóke and, of course, the ‘seal of approval’ or, better said, blessings from his uncle, Spragga Benz.

Content-wise, the album draws parallels to the Bible underlining Almak’s solid bound with the Rasta belief but still keeping it real to his personal life experiences. The final track, “Creator Works”, sharply sums up the meditation this record is gravitating towards: “Mission pon mi mind it haffi carry on / Burdens heavy but the Lord is by my side”.  

“Book of Judges” was produced by King Opossum and Amlak Redsquare for True Lion Sound and Redsquare Productions.

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    • 01. Amlak Redsquare – Judge
    • 02. Amlak Redsquare – Get Ready (feat. Kazam Davis)
    • 03. Amlak Redsquare – Judgement Day
    • 04. Amlak Redsquare – Neva Know
    • 05. Amlak Redsquare – Your Love
    • 06. Amlak Redsquare – Wildfyah
    • 07. Amlak Redsquare – Too Late (feat. Jah Exile)
    • 08. Amlak Redsquare – Fyah Bun
    • 09. Amlak Redsquare – Tek Yu Beating (feat. Spragga Benz & Rseenal Di Artillery)
    • 10. Amlak Redsquare – Freestyle (feat. Exile Di Brave & Tóke)
    • 11 Amlak Redsquare – Creator Works