Cali P – i Thoughts (Album Release)

Cali P – i Thoughts (Album Release)

Reggae artist Cali P released his 4th studio album earlier this month through Hemp Higher Productions and Flash Hit Records. Born in Guadeloupe, moved to Switzerland and now living in Jamaica, Cali P is a world citizen promoting love and acceptance beyond biases of any kind. Travelling around the world as an artist has broadened his overstanding on life and music which naturally reflects now on his latest output, “i Thoughts”, undeniably the most mature work to date from Cali P.

The album compiles 12 tracks produced by various parties involved in the project: Hemp Higher Productions, Flash Hit Records, Equiknoxx Music, Seani B, Don Chandler and Teka.

In terms of featurings, the albums guests four individuals going by the name of Capleton (“Dem Ago Burn Up”), Randy Valentine (“On My Way Home”), Shanique Marie (“Coconut Jelly Man”) and Yung JR (“Want No War”) – track available also on Yung JR‘s debut album “Start A Movement” (2015).

“i Thoughts” LP has just entered the Billboard Chart at number 10, next to albums like Rebelution‘s “Falling Into Place” (no.1) or Stephen Marley‘s “Revelation Part II: The Fruit Of Life” (no.2).

The artist is currently on a 2-months promo tour alongside Equiknoxx family, Shanique Marie and Randy Valentine.

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    • 01. Cali P – Intro
    • 02. Cali P – Lyrical Faya
    • 03. Cali P – Food Inna di Yard
    • 04. Cali P – Do You Love Me
    • 05. Cali P – On My Way Home (feat. Randy Valentine)
    • 06. Cali P – Why So Much Fighting
    • 07. Cali P – Ease Off
    • 08. Cali P – Dem Ago Burn Up (feat. Capleton)
    • 09. Cali P – Coconut Jelly Man (feat. Shanique Marie)
    • 10. Cali P – Revolution
    • 11. Cali P – Want No War (feat. Yung JR)
    • 12. Cali P – Guiding Shield