Paolo Baldini – Dubfiles (Album Release)

Paolo Baldini – Dubfiles (Album Release)

Out October 14, 2014, the first full-length “DubFiles” project came from the mind of Paolo Baldini. Former bassist of B.R.Stylers and Africa Unite, Baldini has emerged as one of the most interesting producers of the Italian music scene, proving himself by skillfully juggle between reggae sounds (Mellow Mood in the first place), electronic drifts (Dub Sync) and rock’n’roll tinged world music (Dropkick Murphys).

“DubFiles” project began in early 2013, initially consisting of a series of videos published on the internet with the intention to document what goes on inside the Alambic Conspiracy Studio when Baldini is on the mixer creating dub versions of the original tracks of his team and several singers compete on the microphone with alternative interpretations of the same riddim.

Hundreds of thousands of views later, it is time to transform this set of videos into a real album. As we press play we find Jacob, L.O. and Jules I of Mellow
Mood, Andrew I, Forelock (voice of the Sardinian Arawak) and Spanish Sr. Wilson, all team members with variable geometry that accompanies Baldini live in the making of the project.

As special guests we have the Portuguese superstar Richie Campbell, the Australian musician and rapper Dub Fx and British MC Rawz.

DubFiles wants to be a positive recall to the endless series of collaborations between Jamaican DJ and producer most famous of the island (known as “Yabby You meets Trinity at King Tubby’s Dub Station”). Baldini shows off his skills at the mixer in an album that presents the prolific producer of Pordenone and his team.

“Dufiles” LP is available now for purchase on all digital outlets under La Tempesta Dischi label.

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    • 01. Paolo Baldini – Intro
    • 02. Paolo Baldini – Who A Talk (feat. Sr Wilson)
    • 03. Paolo Baldini – Dub Inna Babylon (feat. Dubfiles All Stars)
    • 04. Paolo Baldini – Leave I Or Love Me Forever (feat. Forelock)
    • 05. Paolo Baldini – Likkle Dub Girl (feat. Richie Campbell, Mellow Mood)
    • 06. Paolo Baldini – Dub Vampaya Medley (feat Jacob, L.O., Jules I, Andrew I)
    • 07. Paolo Baldini – Politician Dub (feat Arawak, Macka B)
    • 08. Paolo Baldini – Who Am I? (feat. Forelock)
    • 09. Paolo Baldini – Never Be A Slave (feat. Dub FX)
    • 10. Paolo Baldini – Extra Love Dub (feat. Mellow Mood, Tanya Stephens)
    • 11. Paolo Baldini – Zion Doors (feat. Andrew I)
    • 12. Paolo Baldini – Zion Dub Version
    • 13. Paolo Baldini – I Express (feat. Rawz)
    • 14. Paolo Baldini – Dub A Express
    • 15. Paolo Baldini – Big In Japan (feat. Jacob, L.O.)
    • 16. Paolo Baldini – Dubshine (feat. Jules I)
    • 17. Paolo Baldini – Lotus Dubfile (feat. Ioshi)