While marijuana market is flourishing, Reggae can have a fair share

While marijuana market is flourishing, Reggae can have a fair share

Since the late 1960’s it is a world wide fact that the roots of reggae are linked to the roots of a sacred herb. No doubt there is a special connection between reggae and Cannabis. If we had to make a list with names of “cannabis friendly” reggae artists this would have to be a really long list.

Actually, it’s difficult to imagine a reggae band disconnected from the culture of weed as this seems to overlap the mentality of Reggae scene and part of their cultural identity.

Moreover, Rastafari belief connects weed smoking directly to the belief and wisdom which brings closer to God. We find in the Psalms of the Bible (104:14 – the King James version):

“He cause the grass to grow for the cattle, and the herb for the service of man.”

It’s not only the thousands of references in their songs, it’s a complete love and promotion and faith to the sacred herb.

Now that the laws for the medical and recreational use of marijuana in the U.S.(and Canada soon) are becoming more liberal, it seems to be also a good period for reggae music to get promoted. Cannabis can be legally found in more and more products, like edibles, while the cbd oil sales are also growing. Subsequently, that means a potential increase in the revenue of all these artists, as there is a bigger demand for their product in the market.

Lee Scratch Perry @ Rototom Sunsplash 2015

Entertainment industry asks for more Reggae music and relevant bands are top on this list in regions where Cannabis is the talk of the town, like Colorado, Oregon, Washington, but also Toronto and Vancouver in Canada. This is another proof that Reggae and the sacred plant go hand in hand. And that is a fair share for all these artists who were and still are the most devoted cannabis activists and have been advocating for the free use of marijuana since last century.