Protoje – Ancient Future (Documentary)

Protoje – Ancient Future (Documentary)

Now that the album is out there for everyone to get it and listen to it, Protoje shares the story behind the record. “Ancient Future”, the third album of the Reggae Revivalist, kind of started in the same time with “7 Year Itch” (2011) and it took this long to finally manifest physically.

“[…] especially for Ancient Future I wanted to go back to where I grow, in the same bedroom I was when I was 4 years old when I was sitting, dreaming to be a musician.”

The concept of the record is about taking foundation roots reggae from the 80’s and giving it a contemporary feel with a personal touch. This is also the first album Protoje is doing alongside producer Winta James, so you can expect creativity at the highest level.

“This album is very personal like.. all the songs are very personal. There’s so much.. there’s so much I’m sharing on this album that usually I wouldn’t because doing Reggae music or, what people like to call, positive music or Rastafari music, there’s certain things that you don’t traditionally speak about.”

“Ancient Future” includes guest appearances from his fellows Chronixx, Jesse Royal and Kabaka Pyramid and pushes two new talents outta Jamaica: Mortimer and Sevana.

Watch the short documentary below courtesy to Nickii Kane and Yannick Reid:

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