REVIEW: Tanya Stephens live in Romania

REVIEW: Tanya Stephens live in Romania

Who says things are not moving in Romania? Only one week after the wicked performance delivered by Mellow Mood last week in Bucharest (RO), the Romanian public saw the Infallible Tanya Stephens stepping on the stage, in premiere, alongside The Royal Roots Band. Currently on tour across the Europe, Tanya did her first appearance on our lands on August 28.

When arriving at the House of Press, just before 10 pm, it was a pleasure to see that the show will actually happen outdoor and the people were already making queue at the entrance – a great sign for what was about to come. Mighty Boogie was already warming up the vibes with a great selection of old-school roots and dancehall music, while the people made themselves comfortable and slowly started to wine. Mighty Boogie is a well-respected Romanian selecta who has been in the business for quite a while, and whose skills have been recognized at an international level being for the forth time among the finest artists who perform at Outlook Festival (Croatia).

REVIEW: Tanya Stephens live in Romania 2

With a little delay, the Amsterdam-based Royal Roots Band came up on the stage opening the show for the unmistakeable Tanya Stephens! Firstly, she took us on a journey way back (“Way Back”, 2004) when meaningful lyrics and authenticity were more important than the car you drive or the star attitude. We continued the excursion even deeper with Tanya’s critically acclaimed tune, “Yuh Nuh Ready Fi Dis Yet” (1996), and then reached the sensitive man to woman relationship topic with both romantic tunes such as “These Streets” (2006) and “Can’t Breath” (2004) or stirring up the atmosphere with intimate incentives through “Boom Wuk” (2004).

When it comes to established artists such as Tanya, you can’t expect nothing but professionalism. Besides that, the public did appreciate the close connection she kept throughout the whole performance, which lasted even after the show when she went for a photo session with her fans. Every track was followed by a short intermission in which Tanya took the time to talk to the audience showing her sense of humour and open-minded attitude.

REVIEW: Tanya Stephens live in Romania

The social aspect couldn’t be forgotten either. A big round of ovations came about when she stood up for world peace and acceptance: “We spread rumors, we spread diseases.. I think we can spread some love and peace tonight”, which was supported by “Do You Still Care” (2006). Of course, tracks from her latest album, “Guilty” (2013), were also part of the set list. The show ended up with the long-awaited live interpretation of “It’s A Pity” (2004), for the excitement of the audience who called her again for an encore.

For the after party, DJ Raizah entertained the atmosphere with a Dancehall and Jungle set which kept the vibe up until the later in the night.

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