INTERVIEW: Cali P @ Yaam, Berlin – October 2016

INTERVIEW: Cali P @ Yaam, Berlin – October 2016

Proudly wearing his Lyrical Faya crown since his debut in 2005, steppin’ Unstoppable from ever since, constantly working and staying true to a growing fanbase, advocating for the Healing of the Nation and not afraid of sharing his (i)Thoughts on life – an assumed responsibility that comes with the Rasta livity.

Yes! We are talking about Cali P, our latest guest in the #ReggaelizinInterviews series as he is fresh off the release of a brand new album made in association with long-time partner label Hemp Higher Productions and Flash Hit Records. In the past years, Cali P’s name was like stamped right next to the definition of ‘world traveler’, performing extensively in America, Canada, Africa, and obviously Europe. At the time of this interview he was just half-way through the ‘i Thoughts’ promotional tour, bringing heart-warming reggae vibes to the cold Berlin alongside his musical family – Randy Valentine, Shanique Marie, Equiknoxx crew and DJ Chiquidubs.

Watch the full reasoning below about his new album, reggae music business and side collaboration on “Be Inspired” ski movie soundtrack compilation.

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