INTERVIEW: Melekú @ Kingston, Jamaica

INTERVIEW: Melekú @ Kingston, Jamaica

Getting to know artists and digging into their background makes you understand one thing: you either choose music or music chooses you. The latter easily applies to our new guest, 19-year-old singer Melekú, whose real name is Melech Collins. If that didn’t ring a bell yet, we must underline that his father is a living legend going by the name of Sizzla Kalonji. However, as much as he could be bragging about his lineage to get himself out there fast, he chooses to let his talent do the talking. His humbleness and hard-to-contest vocal skills will go a long way for this young lion!

His three singles (“Right Place”, “African Child” and “Judgement Come”) currently available through Big 12 Records showcase the evolution of a raw, talented youth who is working on building a firm foundation to his career through conscious music. And speaking of foundation, Melekú has been taken under the caring wings of Kareem Burrell from XTM.Nation, thus adding even more substance to the Burrell-Kalonji legacy developed over the years.

“What To Make Of This World” is the first release to come your way soon out of this collaboration, and we are happy to give you a glimpse of it with a wicked freestyle session he and fellow artist, 5Star, did up at Kingston Dub Club.

Tune into the voice of the young Melekú! Lavaa..