Jah9 – 9MM Vol. 2 [FREE DOWNLOAD]

Jah9 – 9MM Vol. 2 [FREE DOWNLOAD]

In preparation for the arrival of the “9” album, Jah9 delivers volume 2 of the ‘9mm’ project just like she did for the first album to introduce herself to the world. This 18-tracks piece (9 times 2) includes older singles (sometimes readapted) and new ones as well, readings from certain books that inspired her and covers of artists like Tracy Chapman, Nina Simone and Sizzla Kalonji.

Just as stated in one of the skits, this is not meant to be a mixtape but a ‘grounding’ for the upcoming album – “9” – to be released on 09.09.09 (2+0+1+6).

“Music help fi unlock beings eeno […] move from your lower self to your higher self […] and so those who look fi a mixtape go find a musician fi buy a mixtape, those who want to find something to unlock dem own self you can listen to what it is being presented here so.”