EMRA & DABO: Robbers and Bandits Want Your Money!

EMRA & DABO: Robbers and Bandits Want Your Money!

Munich. R&B RÄUBER & BANDITEN FILM (or “Robbers and Bandits” in English), a young film company in Munich, is starting a fundraising campaign on the Internet. Starting Tuesday, August 1st, 2013, the movie project “EMRA & DABO” can be financially supported on the crowd funding platform www.indiegogo.com. The goal is to raise 150,000 euros within 60 days to finance the final filming phase in Ethiopia.

The project is implemented by 37 idealistic German and Ethiopian filmmakers. All of them are enthusiasts working under a contract that provides for profit-based compensation only and need a financial injection for the 90-minute drama. The money will be used to finance the final filming and production phase in Ethiopia which is expected to last 4 months. The first 40 minutes of the movie were financed entirely by private funds amounting to 18,000 euros. Strong support from many service providers in the film industry has made this possible, for example with the film technology.

With the crowd funding campaign the team of young film makers hopes to both finance the project and also increase public awareness for the film. Via the “EMRA & DABO” campaign site, everyone interested can donate amounts from 3 to 10,000 euros for the project. The donation is rewarded by film posters, movie paraphernalia or even participation in the film shooting in Ethiopia.

“We are currently putting our heart and soul in the final preparations and we hope for your support. Please visit our ”EMRA & DABO“ website for trailers, teasers and other impressions. We hope to be able to convince as many of you as possible to support our project,”

explains Jan Philipp Weyl, scriptwriter, director and producer of the movie.

Our goal is a world-wide release and our participation in the Cannes film festival.

Support the project HERE.